All the world is a stage and all the men and all the women merely actors.

Today I took in all of the beer cans/bottles and stuff to Hannaford to get change so that I can ride the loop bus again and not be too worried about how I am going to come accross the money. School is so important, and it will get me far, that is true. It is also true that it is kind of a buncha hokus pokus. Its allvery particular. Its about 45% knowing about what your actually saying, 50% being good at articulating whatever it is that you have schemed, and 5% being good at knowing what its like to fit into every different pair of shoes. For example there is me and I live this life when I am at home. FREE SPIRIT, TEST ME GO AHEAD! And then be able to jump into the one that has to wipe up tables after rich ppl that spend their money on simple pleasures. Also  add like 15%, its about 15% performance.


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