sdsdasdfdsdfcvbDAMB MR, LETS GO TO BARD.

I cannot even speculate on the goings on between you and …literally almost all the great ppl ik. But what I do know is about what went on for me. Its ok if you never felt the magic/wonder/mysticadventure/hardcoreneverdieinglove that I felt, because what was going on in my head was the sweetest most purest thing that I bet you anyone could have ever felt, (read that sent again if it makes no sense, i really think it does.) I hear stories about you now and its like “where the fuck is this coming from?” But I know perfectly well where its coming from. So do you. NOUGH SAID. OH, and the ‘adsdasdfdsdfcvb’ thing occurred when I tried rather unsuccessfully to get the orange juice off of the keys without upsetting the title I was typing too much. Idk why I tried so hard **if mom is trying to get ahold of me(only women I like(besides Lylah)when she calls me) I hear it ringing.** ya, so Idk why I tried so hard. I could have just erased it. 


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