” hey, mein name ist bronwyn”

I wake up so early and its ok when I am in my own house or Lylah’s, or anywhere just not at my friends one floor home, I have places to go and I can contact someone in the world that is awake. I wake up very early, like naturally I should be up before eight. (when I have a cuddle buddy it is a little later. but all of the cuddle buddies i have ran into lately butt heads) But I have this friend from Germany (Andreas), he gave me this great Notion that maybe I am not supposed to be from here. OK now now, don’t go pointing your fingers because it was all my fucking idea. ITS BRILLIANT. 

Maybe I should live on the other side of the world and god (or whomever/whatever is running this freak sh how) just misplaced me. So perfect. It would explain my insomnia, it would explain everything. My mom wants to sign me up for some acupuncture. I won’t knock it until I have tried it… But I am refusing all drugs. My mom guilt trips me into taking IBprofin though. But I am telling you, life is hard enough without you fucking with it. Drugs make me feel so unsure of myself. (not that i don’t feel unsure now as a sober sally) But doing drugs just adds to my confusion. TOEACHHISOWN. Let me keep waking up early. I will try to be quiet and not wake you up before your first class at Columbia.


2 thoughts on “” hey, mein name ist bronwyn”

  1. kt says:

    I’m sorry my mom and I dont have a nice big home all we have is one floor of an apartment and I’m sorry I had.class which is important to me

    • IknowIknow! I by no means meant for that to be like “uck, small houses.” I love your living arrangements there and I loved loved loved being with you! I just need to move. I was trying to clearly express that and I am sorry that I did a bad job. ILOVEYOUSOMUCHPLEASEDONTTAKEMYWORDSTHEWRONGWAY.

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