SOUL proprietotrship.

I want to invest. Alone, because ppl scare me. But then I think about all of the weight I would have to carry. But then I think about how the other day I saw a log over on the road behind the two white ponies on river road and I picked it up and carried it the mile back t o my home. I was t hinking “if you are ever considering having a baby, walk a mile away from your house and pick up the biggest log you can find and carry it back in your arms.” But then again babies have arms and they kind of can hold on, where as a log cannot. So if you still want a baby after you get home with said log, go out and get yourself a fucking baby. We got plenty. So anyways, about investing souly, like alone. I want to. It will be hard but I like to think that if something is not hard it wasnt worth ever having to begin with. Maybe I said that a little off… You get the point. Its like when I am sitting uncomfortably I just try to ‘struggle through it’. NO PAIN NO GAIN. So about my place. As of now I have a book that I made my mommy get me. It was a blank book. My Grandmother had t old me about how when she was a teen she would have “signature books” and ppl would sign them. I wanted one. So I got one. I had asked students to sign it. I didn’t mean that they had to write me something nice about myself or anything. Just sign it. Like Monte did with the spray paint. So fetch btw. Do you spray paint kid? I think I asked you that via fb but you are waywayway too cool to go on that piece of… whatever that thing is a piece of. I may need your assistance in the near future, don’t leave t he country any time soon. Anywayss, so I have this book now. It has some signatures, not too many though. So I use it to scheme.


I  have two names so far. And major planage for said names. The lawyer and uk the subsistute with the very white hair? (also fetch) told me to lay low for now, attack in due time.


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