Some mornings I wake up with a song that turns into a thought. Then it escalates into an entire idea. This morning I woke up and everythin happend all out of order. It was strangley kind of invigorating. (hey I spelled invigorating the correct way!) I had my thought before my idea. I thought that I wanted to be inb times square. Like right at that exact moment I wanted to be there. Maybe one day I will be able to work like that. Press of an idea kind of shit. For right now I only own a bike. My bike gets me pretty far though. Don’t get me wrong. I fucking wanted to drive at first. No one would let me. I was pissed. Its not like I am bad. (atleastidontthinksoanyways) I thought I was really fucking good. Like busdriver status. Mymomsaidno. So mom wins, I dont drive. I do watch movies though.


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