Ok, this kid, I love this kid. I am doing this thing that my mommy helped me to arrange and its on gmail and I get to make this chart. Its so simple that it feels like cheating. I know, however, that I am not a cheator. Never is, never was. I just have found a great way to allocate the resources that I have found.

So anywho, I was doing it before I have Norton’s class at 1 every afternoon. He is charming, he got a haircut. So I was doing my gmail thing and this kid that is in my class, maybe he thought I was below average, he was asking “Hey, so have you seen the price of gold latley?” and I was like, “Yeah its dropping.” “Why do you think that is?” “Well people are rebelling in Syria.” Then, it was stimulating, he argued with me I think. Or agreed? What the fuck is the difference anyway? Then he reasoned I was worthy of a bit of information and he wrote something down for me on my little blue “Norton’s History Class” notebook. I should prolly read into that. I did the day of, but I mean I could always find out something new.


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