I am like cinderella. You better kiss me quick bc I am going to be gone tomorrow.


I have reached fame… 116 views last time I checked. its only 9:25. if i had known that i was this cool I would have wrote several novels a century ago. Yea so I know that I would be only nine, but I bet the nine year old me had some pretty impresive shit to say. I bet the nine year old you had some pretty legit shit to sy. Dont daught. Daught causes competition, competition causes caos. OK not healthy competition. I will quote myself, “the world is all a race.” there prettying it up so that you and you and you can all compete and feel the same. fact is we are not built the same. some were made to write books others made for movies some made to wash dishes.


I was changing the litterbox today, only one of my many mind boggling activities that i partake in. I was thinking “once i am famous I wont do this shit anymore, i will get someone to do it for me.” But even if these 116 views turn out to be 600000400000 i will still clean Jinx’s litter box.



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