“Make me a bird so that I can fly, far far away from here.”

I had a moment. Not telling you about said moment. I am embarrassed and it simply does not need to be formally stated. But in the major debacle I found out what felt like 100,000 life lessons. I went home and ate a brownie with peanut butter.

One of those lessons was that me and Ashley Evans should not be together when we are both unstable and her boyfriend is anywhere in the vicinity.

Number two I need to have an excape route located upon entering a building.

Three I put my friends through this shit and ppl around me because I need the his and lows to make art.

I am addicted to morphine. (thank you Norton for that one I will never forget you)

Number three and number the one after are closely related, so close its disturbing.

Bright lights and electronics scare me.

I have stages of depression (someone find out if these are normal?)

1-out of body, self realization?

2-sleeps, can i say self? i just get why other ppl are doing what they do and not why i am doing what i am doing…

3-sleeps enough doesn’t feel like she is doing it. head pounding. mind exploding kind of action at this point.

4-was that just self actualization or am i some kind of crazy?


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