Grab a banana and sit in the sun, vitamin c and potassium. She called her mom and told her she was upset, her mom’s advice was to grab a banana and sit outside on the porch for a while.

She didn’t like bananas lately, so she grabbed a tangerine and begrudgingly went to the front porch and sat on the metal chair she had taken from behind wonderbar near the dumpster.

She felt better almost instantly, how did mom know? Anyways, it felt good to be outside and there were her neighbors kids playing in the street.

Beatrice sat on her porch a number of times, but this time felt different somehow. The air had grown colder and it made her breath white. She just loved fall how the dying leaves were so magical looking, all bright with the most brilliant shades of red and yellow.

This meant that thanksgiving then a cold winter was coming. She just knew it was gona be a cold one… she felt it in her bones. Bones. Her bones. Her bones had been through a lot, but they can take a lot.

With everything that happened to Beatrice that day back in 2008. Beatrice got to see first hand how much bones could take.


and I feel fine.


but, then I’m all like, not now.

If not now, then when will it be time?

I always tell. Then he’s all like, “You told me that already,…” and I’m all, “Oh, fuck.”

What can I possibly type that will change anything.

You just got to try.

But, no one is listening to anything anymore… it’s like they just are so focused on themselves that there is no room in their head for anybody else.

The votes are being counted.

The voters have spoken.


It’s 12: o’clock and I’m up… SMH. I want to sleep so badly. What canI day to my dr to make him understand that I’m done with trying medication like pills. I want to try something I know puts me to sleep and keeps me asleep. I want to try medical marijuana and I just don’t think Dr. Valler will let me try it out. I’ve tried trazadone, and seraquil and 10 mg of melatonin. I wake up and sometimes I stay up.


Don’t stress,

take a recess.

I’m writing a book.

It’s fun, rn I have two separate books I will conjoin them soon.

Blah, I’m so over not sleeping 8 hrs even when I try..

I can do this; I can finish. I finish everything I start. Fortunately or not..

“I’m so glad you made me try and sleep.”

Big New World

Feels rn.


My nic-name is Bee.