I’ve lived here for like five years and I have one Hudsonion friend.

The ppl that live here are stuck up each other’s asses too far to notice me.

It’s whatever,

I miss being a ‘cool’ girl who ppl wanted to hang out with though…

WeAreenteringtheRoaring 20s

Reminds me of the Great Gatsby.

Makes me want to throw a party.

So, I’ll throw a party or two..





Sad, sad.

No, it’s sad!

With all this food we have, no one should be left hungry, ever.

Ty tho

Thanks for teaching me about what I deserve… without you demeaning my existence I don’t know if I ever would have explored what I truly deserve. Like; all the love I truly am allowed to absorb.. if that makes any sense…

I love him.

I won, you lost. Part of me hopes you’re ok, parts of me don’t give a shit if you’re happy.


It’s you that was the toxic one.

Ya you see me, but are you listening?


I love when ppl give me foods. It’s like, “Woah; so, you do love me.”

FBis no longer denying the virus was man made through its apps…

I had it. It’s man made. Ik that, but made by apps?

I’m so confused

It’s real

I got sick

On the couch for like a week.


Can you feel that?

Something’s off..

Maybe something is ON?

I see the branches swaying themoonintheback,

Is it full?

What does it mean?

Does it have to mean something?