How do they do that?


You be you, I’ll be me.

Finally you have come.

I’ve been waiting for you.

Finally you show me


Ideservesomuchand I ask you for nothing. I love you.

I get nothing.

I go nowhere.

I watch you.


You left me behind

You liked it too.

You were happy to see me finally get what I deserve?

Do I deserve this?

Do I deserve this?

Do I deserve this?

I can feel you

Yourhearwithme. I am going to do fashion. I love you, and I hope I make you proud.

I miss you.

Tell me what to do; I need a sign, give me a sign, please…



I mean yes.

please no more of these games

It is done. You are done when you say you are done.



and I just got a hat.

Everyone looks at me funnily when I wear a hat, like fuck you; ya, I chose to wear a fucking hat, ya it’s cute too, FUCK OFF.

FUCK OFF, me and my sister like to shop and know how to; so, we do it fast and furious.

FUCK OFF, I know how to speak some French, and I will too; when I want to…

FUCK OFF, I love this boy Nishant, and I I know I always be; so, stop hitting me up, or continue to do so, I love to talk and he doesn’t mind if I talk.

no shorts

Idonthaveasinglepairofshorts. I just don’t, like.. buy um’. It is very,very hot… but its ok, I guess. I’m wearing shorts, but they are doodles’ shorts that she works out in. No one wants to be with me in the hot, and can you imagine how hard it is to get someone to take me literally anywhere? Its like a goddamn chore. I am not sorry I am the way I am. I am sorry that no one wants to take me around with them.

Like, ugh… It is really hot and I have some dresses, but like…

Fuck THEMANwhoeverorwhateverthatfuckingis for fucking me over and over again.

“Sweating is good for you,” ASH.

iDONTKNOWWHATTODO. Wait,..yes I do. I love sweating. it is hoteveryfuckingwhere.theheatis rolling down my cheeks and landing precariously close to my upper lip level. OH WAIT; i FUCKING PASSED! i GRADUATED FROM cOLUMBIA gREEN cOMMUNITY cOLLEGE. I love this county, and the Columbia County. What a beautiful place for us to be stranded…for now.

R.I.P. Mamma Kitty

Thank you for bringing those kittens into this world at the time you did. Ty for letting us watch you raise them. It was magic.